giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

  • Two Reasons Why You Should Have A Dashcam In Your Car

    If you believe that dashcams are strictly for use by the police or other authorities, you may want to think again.  It's now easier than ever for the regular citizen to purchase and install a dashcam in their car.  They are typically very easy to use, and stay in place with a suction cup mount that you can stick to your windshield or hang from your rearview mirror. Dashcams Are Invaluable When An Accident Occurs

  • How To Get Rid Of The White Dots On The Screen Of Your HDTV

    There are certain models of HDTV televisions that have recurring problems with white dots appearing on the screen. The white dots can continue to multiply, and eventually a large section of the screen will get filled with so many dots that you can't see what's on the TV anymore. The problem most of the time is that the digital light processing (DLP) chip has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

  • 3 Things You Might Not Realize About Wholesalers

    Moving into your first place can be exciting. You are stepping out and embarking on a new journey in life. With getting your first place, there are a lot of new responsibilities you are going to have. One of those things is providing your own appliances and furnishings. While many people worry they aren't going to be able to afford everything they need, there are plenty of ways to save and still get name brand items for your home.

  • Pee Protection: Great Inventions That Will Protect Your Child's Mattress

    When you decided to become a parent, you knew that you were signing up to protect a helpless child from the dangers of the world. What you didn't realize is that you were also signing up to protect your child's helpless mattress from the dangers of a deep sleeper. Of all the furniture in your home, your child's mattress is most vulnerable to urine. After all, it's basically a giant sponge.

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    giving the gift of gadgets

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