giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

  • Delve Into The Deep: Underwater Diving Camera Questions Answered

    Underwater photographs can be very revealing or very beautiful, depending on what you take pictures of. If you plan on snorkeling or scuba diving this year, you may want to take an underwater diving camera along. Have some wavering uncertainties about electronics and water? Fear not-you can delve into the deep with confidence after you read the following questions and answers about underwater cameras. Will Not the Water Pressure Affect the Camera?

  • Are Cases Worth Buying? The Answer Could Save Your Phone

    For some people, a smartphone case is nothing more that a pretty accessory to set their phone apart. If you've been watching the smartphone market, devices such as the iPhone 6 have become more sleek, slim and smooth to the touch. This is bad news for even the best, most stable grips in the consumer world, as the phone could slip out at any moment. Some additional grip in the form of a plastic, metal or silicon case could add a lot of safety at a reasonable cost, so take a look at a few case features to get what you want out of a case while investing in what you need.

  • Choosing Earphones Appropriate For Your Teen

    With the pervasive nature of technology, and the benefit it can provide to the learning process, many K-12 schools are either allowing personal laptops to be used in classes or providing them to students. Many teens also carry some personal data device on them, so the idea of getting them some kind of earphones isn't unrealistic. However, to maximize their usefulness in a school setting, it's a good idea to take a few precautions of your own before you lay your money down.

  • What The IT Guy Is Really Trying To Get You To Do

    If you have to call tech support for your computer, the process can be infuriating. The support technician may tell you to do things that seem completely irrelevant or that you think you've already tried. Even if it may seem like they're just trying to give you a hard time, there is a method to the madness. Here's what they're trying to accomplish.  Restarting Your Computer The longer your computer runs, the more things you have open.

  • 3 Headset Features You Need As A Home Customer Service Rep

    Working from home as a customer service representative offers the opportunity to set your own hours and free up your day so you can spend it as you see fit. But to ensure success as an at-home customer service rep, you need a reliable headset that helps you present a professional atmosphere customers can feel good about when talking to you on the phone. Here are three key features you can't afford to overlook when shopping for your next telephone headset: 

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