giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

Three Tips For Caring For Your Underwater Camera Case

Océane Guerin

An underwater camera can be an excellent investment for allowing you to take unique and memorable photographs. To keep the camera safe from the water, it is placed inside a specially designed case. While this case can be extremely effective at preventing water from getting to the camera, it will require regular care to help ensure that your case avoids some common problems.

Dust The Waterproof Case

Prior to using the case, you should make sure to thoroughly dust the interior. This is especially important if you have not used it recently because a substantial amount of dust can gather on the interior. If this occurs, the dust can interfere with the seals, which may cause them to fail, and it can also degrade the quality of your pictures by making them appear hazy. To remove the dust, you will want to use a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using a damp cloth, as it can leave difficult to remove streaks. You will also want to avoid any cloth that is rough because it may leave scratches on the interior of the case.

Inspect The Seals

In addition to removing any dust from inside the case, you will also want to inspect and clean the seals. The seals are what keep water from entering through the openings and hinges of the case, but they can suffer damage that can compromise their performance. If you notice that the seals are warped, tearing or showing other signs of distress, you should replace the seals to make sure that dirt and dust will not enter the case while you are underwater. The steps for replacing this part of the case can vary from one design to another, but this information can easily be located in the case's owner's manual.

Thoroughly Rinse The Case After Each Use

After each time you use the case, you should make sure to thoroughly rinse it. This will help to remove algae, dirt and other substances before they dry to the case. In particular, this step is critical for whenever you use the case in a saltwater environment because the salts can seriously degrade the case. For example, it is possible for the salt water to dry and leave small salt crystals on the case. These crystals can cause severe scratches, which may ruin your ability to take clear pictures. By making sure to keep a bucket of fresh water available to clean your case, you can help keep it safe from these common sources of damage. Click here to learn more about deep sea video cameras.


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