giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

Tips For Keeping Your Laptop Free Of Damage On Your Next Trip

Océane Guerin

Being able to visit a reputable laptop repair technician in your city is ideal if you're dealing with any type of problem related to your computer. Given that laptops are so portable, they're ideal for taking with you when you travel -- but you don't want to return home and have to visit the repair technician right away because the laptop sustained damage while you were traveling. While you might take precautions to keep your computer safe with antivirus software, you should also think about the physical safety of the unit. Here are some tips to keep your laptop free of damage while you travel.  

Don't Cram Your Laptop Bag Full

It can be tempting -- especially when traveling by air -- to load every pocket in every piece of baggage you're carrying. Don't take this approach for your laptop bag, though. While the bag's main pocket can safely carry your mouse, power cord and a few assorted things like pens and paper, don't cram the pocket full. The pressure can result in damage to the laptop -- in some cases, you'll open the computer and see that the screen has cracked because of the pressure of the items in the pocket.

Close The Lid Before You Eat/Drink

While it's common sense to avoid eating or drinking directly over your laptop, it's easy to break this rule when you're on an airplane. Confined spaces can often leave you munching on pretzels and drinking soda while the laptop sits on the tray in front of you. This is dangerous because a sudden bout of turbulence can cause you to spill. While food crumbs falling under your keyboard can lead to problems, spilling a liquid on the computer will most definitely leave you needing to schedule a repair job (with professionals such as those from Speedbit Inc) when you arrive back home. At the very least, close the computer's lid before you eat and, ideally, move it away entirely.

Carry It With You On Hot Days

If you're traveling by vehicle, it might be tempting to leave the laptop in your trunk. While doing so is fine while you're driving, you don't want to leave the computer anywhere in the vehicle for long periods once you've stopped. The temperature will quickly increase and could reach a point that it causes damage to your laptop. It's a good practice to get in the habit of carrying the laptop with you when it's hot outside -- or, of course, leaving it in an air conditioned hotel room.


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