giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

Delve Into The Deep: Underwater Diving Camera Questions Answered

Océane Guerin

Underwater photographs can be very revealing or very beautiful, depending on what you take pictures of. If you plan on snorkeling or scuba diving this year, you may want to take an underwater diving camera along. Have some wavering uncertainties about electronics and water? Fear not-you can delve into the deep with confidence after you read the following questions and answers about underwater cameras.

Will Not the Water Pressure Affect the Camera?

This is a question many people have, yet fewer people seem to question how deep you can take an underwater camera because they just assume all underwater cameras are the same. The answer relies on the camera itself. Usually the depth limits of the camera are printed on the box or found on the instructions inside the box. Cameras that can go a couple thousand feet down are usually quite large, bulky and fully encased in a clear box that prevents the camera from getting wet and keeps the pressure from damaging it. Cameras that are better suited for short dives to take pictures of coral reefs are lighter in weight and not protected against greater depths. (Ask a camera expert if you are not sure which one to purchase for your diving adventures.)

Will There Be Any Film That Needs Developing?

No, you will not have any film to develop. Antique and vintage underwater cameras used film, but since the digital age ushered in digital cameras, underwater cameras have gone digital, too. If you should want a printed copy of one, some or all of your photos, there is a port on the camera that uses a cable to connect to your computer to upload your pics. The port is tightly sealed when the camera is in the water but should easily open when you want to upload your photos.

Does an Underwater or Ocean Exploration Camera Sink or Float?

Some people worry that if they "drop" their underwater cameras in the ocean, they will be gone forever as the cameras sink into some dark ocean trench. While that may be a very dramatic movie scene, it simply does not happen with most of these cameras. Think about it-the ocean buoys and pushes humans up to the surface, even though they can swim. The same holds true for inanimate objects that do not and cannot swim, nor do these objects weigh as much as you do. If anything, your camera may float to the surface of the water if you "drop" it, and then follow the tide to wherever the waves take it. If you use the included neck strap that comes with most of these cameras, then the strap also makes it impossible to "drop" the camera. Contact a company like QuikPod for more information.


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