giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

Are Cases Worth Buying? The Answer Could Save Your Phone

Océane Guerin

For some people, a smartphone case is nothing more that a pretty accessory to set their phone apart. If you've been watching the smartphone market, devices such as the iPhone 6 have become more sleek, slim and smooth to the touch. This is bad news for even the best, most stable grips in the consumer world, as the phone could slip out at any moment. Some additional grip in the form of a plastic, metal or silicon case could add a lot of safety at a reasonable cost, so take a look at a few case features to get what you want out of a case while investing in what you need.

Where Does The Grip Come From?

Not every case delivers a useful amount of grip. Some plastic or metal covers are just as sleek as the iPhone's surface, although the extra padding will add a bit of protection in the event of a drop. Unfortunately, if the drop is on a corner, side or other dangerous drop areas, the case protection may not be enough to matter. 

To get a grip that will keep the phone's smooth surface from slipping out of your hands too easily, texture is key. Metal cases with ridges are acceptable, but the gripping, almost sticky surface of silicon is more desirable. When discussing smartphone cases, silicon is actually silicon rubber, a material known for its shock absorption properties and the grip given by the surface texture.

Silicon rubber is available in many different colors, thicknesses and even textures. When looking for a case for your phone, try to find a hard case made of silicon rubber or silicon rubber with thermoplastic elastomers--another material with similar properties, which is used in many sporting devices. 

Testing Out The Grip

You don't need to check the materials list or call up the manufacturer to get the exact compositions--that is, unless you you're allergic to the material. Just get a feel for the case, find something that looks good and get a sense of the gripping ability.

You'll eventually need to test out the grip. Some stores have display model phones that can add the much needed weight to truly test the case, but if you're getting the case from an online source, just make sure to test over a safe surface such as a bed or yoga mat.

If you don't want to take too much away from the inherent style of your device, consider getting a clear silicone case for iPhone 6 and similar models to find out how it looks. Contact a smartphone case expert for suggestions on specific case designs.


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