giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

What The IT Guy Is Really Trying To Get You To Do

Océane Guerin

If you have to call tech support for your computer, the process can be infuriating. The support technician may tell you to do things that seem completely irrelevant or that you think you've already tried. Even if it may seem like they're just trying to give you a hard time, there is a method to the madness. Here's what they're trying to accomplish. 

Restarting Your Computer

The longer your computer runs, the more things you have open. Even if you're good about fully quitting programs when you're done with them, they may still be using some memory in the background.

The more your computer has going on, the more there is to slow it down and the greater chance there is of two programs that conflict with each other causing it to run poorly. A reboot is the only way to fully close everything and start fresh so that you're running at optimum performance. This could save you from unnecessarily replacing or adding memory if you thought that was the problem. 

Restarting Your Modem

Like your computer, your modem also has a memory. As it runs, it may connect to a bad server or remember incorrect addresses.

Your modem will automatically go around these problems and get you where you need to go on the internet, but the detours will slow it down until it comes to a virtual stop. Restarting the modem clears its memory and causes it to do a fresh search for the best servers to connect to.

Unplugging the Power Cord

Many people resist unplugging their computer because the power cord is hidden behind a desk so that it's hard to get to. Sometimes, unplugging the power cord is code for the tech person not believing that you actually restarted your computer or thinking you might have done something like only turned off the monitor and not the actual computer.

There is another point to unplugging, though. Computers work by sending electrical charges back and forth against circuits. Sometimes, the charges aren't routed properly due to outside interference or faulty equipment.

Unplugging the computer completely will clear these charges so that the computer can run fresh again. You may also be asked to hold down the power button for a few seconds with the computer off — this also resets the electric charges.

If you're still having trouble with your computer or prefer in person support, contact a local computer electronics repair company (such as Contec Direct) today.


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