giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

3 Headset Features You Need As A Home Customer Service Rep

Océane Guerin

Working from home as a customer service representative offers the opportunity to set your own hours and free up your day so you can spend it as you see fit. But to ensure success as an at-home customer service rep, you need a reliable headset that helps you present a professional atmosphere customers can feel good about when talking to you on the phone. Here are three key features you can't afford to overlook when shopping for your next telephone headset: 

Bluetooth Capabilities

Possibly the most important and useful feature you can take advantage of in a telephone headset is Bluetooth capabilities. This feature will allow you to keep your hands free while talking on the phone so you can simultaneously look information up, type information into a database, or even clean up your workspace a little.

Bluetooth headsets come in a variety of styles so you shouldn't have a problem finding one that fits your head comfortably enough to wear all day without getting a headache or dealing with pressure points. Choose a compact design with a built-in microphone that sits near the earpiece if you plan to work part-time, or pick up a professional set with a detachable and extendable microphone if you plan to work full-time.

Noise Cancellation Features

A headphone set with noise cancellation features will block out most background noises, such as kids crying and dogs barking, so your customers don't have to listen to your personal goings-on while you are on the phone with them. Most headphones do this by using one microphone to detect and block out ambient noises and another to talk with. Noise cancellation features are automated, which offers effective hands-free management of unexpected background distractions.

Voice Command Functionality

Now that voice command technology has advanced enough to develop on a commercial basis, it can be found in many modern telephone headsets and is worth the small additional investment. This function allows you to access voice controls on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet so they can be used whether you're at your computer, cooking dinner, or practicing a few simple yoga moves. In addition to answering and ending calls, with voice command you can also check your device's battery status, place calls on hold, and send calls to voicemail systems.

These features should be easy to find in most modern headset options on the market – while they aren't all necessary to gain employment at home as a customer service representative, when used in combination they're sure to maximize your entrepreneurial opportunities and, therefore, your profits. Contact a local outlet, such as, for further assistance.


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