giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

How To Get Rid Of The White Dots On The Screen Of Your HDTV

Océane Guerin

There are certain models of HDTV televisions that have recurring problems with white dots appearing on the screen. The white dots can continue to multiply, and eventually a large section of the screen will get filled with so many dots that you can't see what's on the TV anymore. The problem most of the time is that the digital light processing (DLP) chip has gone bad and needs to be replaced. The DLP chip controls the images you see on your TV screen. If you are handy with replacing things in your home computer, you should be able to replace this chip yourself. Here is how you can replace the DLP chip to get rid of the white dots on your HDTV screen.

Step One: Clean Outside of TV

You will be taking the back service panel off of the television, but before you do, you should remove the dust and debris that may have accumulated on the back of the television. The dirt can cause a lot of damage to the electrical and computer components in the television if it gets inside it. You should use a vacuum wand fitted with a soft brush to suck away the dust and debris so it doesn't fall inside in the television when you take off the back panel. 

Step Two: Remove DLP Chip

Unplug the television. Unscrew and remove the service panel at the bottom of the back of the television.

You need to remove the silver service plate that covers the main board first. Disconnect the electrical plug connected to the service plate, and then remove the screws holding the plate into position. Remove the service plate.

Disconnect the electrical wires going to the green main computer board at the bottom of the television. Unscrew the motherboard, and disconnect the computer ribbon going from the motherboard to the television.

The DLP chip is connected to the backside of the main board. Remove the chip

Step Three: Replace DLP Chip

Use a new DLP chip that is specifically designed for the HDTV you are fixing. The new chip will only go into the main board one way. If you think you have to force the chip in, you're doing it wrong.

Push the chip in until you feel it snap into place.

Reconnect the computer ribbon to the main board and screw it back in place. Replace the service plate and reconnect all the wires.

Put the service panel back on the television and plug the TV back in.

Step Four: Test HDTV

Turn on the television to make sure the white dots have disappeared. If they have not, get in touch with a company like Bammel TV Service to inquire about professional repair services.


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