giving the gift of gadgets

giving the gift of gadgets

Pee Protection: Great Inventions That Will Protect Your Child's Mattress

Océane Guerin

When you decided to become a parent, you knew that you were signing up to protect a helpless child from the dangers of the world. What you didn't realize is that you were also signing up to protect your child's helpless mattress from the dangers of a deep sleeper. Of all the furniture in your home, your child's mattress is most vulnerable to urine. After all, it's basically a giant sponge. Luckily, there are many products and inventions that can help you protect your child's mattress from harm.

Moisture Alarms

Moisture alarms, also known as enuresis alarms, wake your child up the moment he or she begins to pee in bed at night. It works like this: The device comes with a sensor that attaches to the outside of your child's underwear. The sensor is connected to a small alarm that is worn on your child's body near the head. When your child begins to pee, the alarm sounds and your child wakes. The idea behind this type of alarm is that it conditions your child to wake the moment he or she begins to pee.

Waterproof Mats/Overlays

Easier to take on and off than vinyl mattress covers, waterproof mats protect the mattress and use rubber grippers to keep the mat in place. The advantage of waterproof mats is the ease of use. Whereas mattress pads are difficult to take off and wash, waterproof mats simply tuck in to the sides of the mattress and are simple to pull off in the morning.

Bed-wetting Underwear

There are a variety of brands that sell disposable diaper-like underwear for older children, but many older kids are hesitant (or downright unwilling) to wear anything that looks like it's for babies. For these kids, non-disposable bed-wetting underwear is a better choice. It looks more like normal underwear, helps bed-wetters feel less self-conscious about their underwear, and manages to protect the mattress.

Booster Pads

Booster pads fit inside disposable or non-disposable bed-wetting underwear to provide extra protection for kids who need it. This helps protect your child's mattress against bigger accidents, if your child is prone to have that kind of problem.

Waterproof Bed-wetting Mattress

Bed-wetting mattresses are the perfect solution for parents who have tried all the other devices and nothing is working. These mattresses are completely sealed with heavy duty vinyl for ultimate protection. For more information about bed-wetting mattresses and other bed-wetting solutions, speak with a representative at your local mattress or furniture store.

Once your child has moved out of the bed-wetting stage for good, it's probably time to buy a new mattress or other furniture as there won't be any danger of them getting ruined, so visit a store like Merlins TV to see what mattress and furniture options would best fit your home


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